You are Not Alone

If you are struggling with mental, emotional or physical pain, you are not alone. We all experience times when we feel unbalanced, anxious and uncertain about what comes next. While it’s common to grapple with difficult emotions and life transitions, there is a happier, healthier way of being. An experienced, skilled and warm therapist can help you work though challenging thoughts and emotions and develop the skills needed to live as your happiest, healthiest and most authentic self. Whether living with depression, anxiety, the aftermath of sexual abuse, chronic pain or postpartum depression, you can learn to navigate the world with a healthier and more mature sense of self, cultivating stronger relationships, excellence in all areas of your life and sustained success.


Discover Your Path To Healing

Nella Hahn, centrally located in the Hamptons, provides compassionate care and practical guidance to clients throughout the east end of Long Island, NY. Experienced, highly skilled and understanding, Nella can help you uncover what you need to feel good and embark on a path of healing, growth and personal discovery. In a trusting therapeutic relationship, you can explore and express yourself without fear of judgment, guilt or shame, and live with increased balance, self-compassion and joy.

Call Nella today at 212-888-2888 (cell) for a complimentary initial call in which you can discuss your specific needs and therapy goals and learn more about therapy, Nella and her counseling practice.